Hello, my name is

product photographer and UI /UX designer.


About me

I'm currently looking for a UX & UI Designer with 3+ years of experience proficient in Figma, Photoshop, Illustrator, and Lightroom. Hands-on experience manual testing HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, Ability to think creatively & develop unique design concepts, graphics, and layouts.

What I do

Pixcy is a great, affordable, and cost-effective product photography service for various product categories and shoots, such as ghost mannequin photoshoots, jewelers, cosmetic products, 360-degree product shoots, backpack photography, sanitary ware products, footwears, women handbags, furniture photography, FMCG products, apparel shoots, flat lay photography, and so on. We provide ready-to-use images for e-commerce platforms such as Amazon India, Snapdeal, Flipkart, Myntra, eBay, Etsy, Ajio, Voonik, aliexpress, Alibaba, First Cry, Bigbasket, Jaypore, Instagram, and others based on your unique requirements. We are prepared to upload photographs by the standards and dimensions provided

UI/UX Design

Using Figma, I designed and executed web-based, mobile, and dashboard user interfaces

Product Photographer

Consistently producing high-resolution photographs of various items and apparel

image and video editor

Proficient in graphics software including Adobe Creative Suite and other photography hardware and software.


Product photography
UI/UX designer
Image and Video Editor
Retouching & Color correction
Lighting Experts
Davinci resolve
HTML 5/CSS3/JavaScript
Stock photography
Color Theory
Event and portrait photography
Landscape photography
Strong Compositional skills


Product and Event Photographer

-Pixcy is a product Photography Studio based in Tamil Nadu.
-I continue to photograph things for leading online retailers such as Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra, eBay and others.
-I used to work as Candid Wedding Photography as well as Filming a variety of projects, including wedding promo videos, commercial projects, time-lapse documentaries, and stock videos.
-Planned and prepared for all on-location and studio shoots
-Working with other team members to complete daily goals and deadlines
-Consistently producing high resolution photographs of various items and apparel
-Utilize professional camera and lighting equipment in a well-equipped studio
-Accurately perform color corrections and all post production editing on photos
-Proficient in graphics software including Adobe Creative Suite and other photography hardware and software
-Direct communication with client
-Working on a Freelance Project I designed and implemented web-based, mobile, and dashboard user interfaces in figma
-Worked cross-functionally  to design products, including conducting research and developing fully working prototypes for testing.

Sep 2016 - Oct 2020


ComiXology Associate

Graphic and UI Designer Associate
-working on comic book conversion in which primary task is to convert traditional comic book to mobile friendly format.
Responsible for:
-Ensuring best user experience is delivered without affecting publisher intentional design.
-Training new hires in conversion process, keep tracking if their performance and reporting to Manager on their ramp ups.
-File tracking and ensuring all files are delivered on time.
-Analyze design briefs and work with internal teams to define design requirements. -Used Adobe Photoshop and other image altering software.
-Worked closey with stakeholder,product manger to dashboards user interface designs.
-Maintained the internal style guide and implement new design patterns in docs,sheets & slides on web & mobile.
-Designed an web application for testing internal application features.
Manual Testing Associate
-Had experience with functionality test.
-Using Selenium Java, I automated the procedure in order to simplify the workflow.

Dec 2014 - Mar 2016


Freelancer photographer and Graphic Designer

-Freelance Graphic Designer with a demonstrated history of working in the graphic design industry. Skilled in Microsoft Word, Advertising, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Indesign CC, and Adobe Illustrator.
-Worked as a light man.
-Poster and Logo Designer.
-Edited, processed, cataloged, and delivered photos in a timely manner.
-Take high-quality Landscape and wildlife photos of children, and pets, then retouch and color correct using Adobe software after uploading in Shutterstock, adobe stock, and Getty image...etc

Jun 2011 - Mar 2013
The Guindy Times


-The Guindy Times, the official campus magazine of CEG, AC Tech and SAP, provides a platform for writers, photographers, editors, videographers, designers, media enthusiasts, artists and many more.
-I joined as a photojournalist and grew up with the GT family throughout my undergraduate years.